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Szanker Kft. is a Hungarian-owned company founded in 2002.

The company's activities can be divided into two main areas:

- Trading of industrial raw materials and auxiliary materials. This primarily involves the distribution of graphites used in EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) and other application areas

- Another area of activity for the company is the production of various componentsand EDM electrodes made from various types of graphite.

The production of EDM electrodes is based on computer models, and if necessary, the design of the electrodes themselves can also be handled.

The computer models of graphite components used in other application areas can be created based on drawings or hand sketches, and the manufacturing of these components is done on both traditional and CNC machines.

Szanker Kft.
H-2360 Gyál / Hungary
Babits Mihály street 9
T./F.: +36 29 / 342 210
Mobil: +36 20 / 579 0151